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Purchase Educational Signs and other items with
TBS logo from Johnson City Sign Shop
(Dedicated TBS URL coming soon)

All prices include USPS delivery.

The 9" x 12" Bluebird Habitat sign is $19.99 + tax (specify with or without mounting holes in corners)

The 4" x 5" Bluebird Nestbox Sign is $9.25 + tax each, or a 4-pack for $26.00 + tax. Only available with mounting holes in the corners.

The shop also carries several other items with the Texas Bluebird Society logo including a decal and magnet.

To order, call Rick at Johnson City Sign Shop ( 830-868-5277) or you can email us at johnsoncitysignshop@gmail.com

TBS makes no profit on these items. But, as you display the items, they will promote Texas Bluebird Society and bluebird conservation … across Texas.

Thanks to Johnson City Sign Shop (thanks, Rick!) these items are available at no expense to TBS