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TBS Photo Gallery

The TBS Photo Gallery is available on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/texasbluebirdsociety/ (a new window will open). For information on how to use Flickr, visit Help on the Flickr website.

If you would like to donate a photo to the TBS Photo Gallery, please follow the instructions below. We cannot accept photos that you have not taken yourself.

  1. Attach the photo to an email (do not embed in the email).
  2. Include a title and caption for the photo in the body of the email.
  3. If there are people in the photo, include their names (if possible).
  4. Include your name (as you want to be credited) in the body of the email.

It is very important that all three components—photo, title/caption, and your name—are submitted together in one email. To help ensure it is not mistaken for spam, title your email appropriately, then send it to photos@texasbluebirdsociety.org.

Please note that TBS will not credit your photo in its PowerPoint presentations. You may embed your name in your photo with a graphics program (consult your program’s help file for assistance), but if TBS sizes down your photo in its presentations, your embedded name may become unreadable.