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More Nestbox details:


Why it is important for bluebirds

Built of ¾” or ( thicker wood

Greater insulation from summer heat and greater durability

Ventilation slots/holes

Air movement /cooling for summer heat )On a typical nestbox a 1 ½” slot at the top of each side provides 4 ½ square inches – as much area for air movement as ten ¾” holes)

Entrance hole 1 9/16” diameter

Hole size excludes larger winged competitors/predators

Entrance hole is smooth

Rough, jagged edges damage feathers

Exterior – no paint or stain

Natural light color of TBS-Friendly lumber is better for the heat. Painting is unnecessary and may attract vandals

Interior – no paint or stain

Some paints or stains may give off toxic fumes

No “perch” below entrance hole

Bluebirds do not need perch – perch improves predator access

Floor has drainage holes/cut out corners

Must be well drained to keep nest from staying wet

Roof overhangs on all sides

Overhang creates shade and protects form rain

Depth of nestbox 5 ½ to 8 inches

Shallow nestboxes are more accessible to predators. (depth is measured from bottom of entrance hole to top of the floor

Kerf s

“ladder” to provide access to the exit hole for baby Tree Swallows

Van Ert trap ready

Designed for installation of Van Ert House Sparrow trap.

House Sparrows are the #1 predator/competitor for bluebird nestboxes. House Sparrows destroy bluebird nests and kill the babies and parents. Do not allow house sparrows to nest!